2021 Digital Residencies


The 2021 Construct Digital Residencies will offer a cohort of 8-12 students the opportunity to study collaboratively in a curated online environment. Residents will take part in a 14-week semester of online classes as well as participate in a curated social media community with other Residents and AI teaching assistants. The residencies are a free alternative form of scholarship for students marginalized from traditional academia.

The educational philosophy of the Construct College of Creative Pedagogy rejects quantitative and performance-centered educational models. More than for imparting any specific piece of information, the classroom is a venue for developing one’s ability to learn. Our curriculum centers cooperative group dynamics, critical thinking as a practice, and community-building skills to help students bolster their individual praxis. 


You can read course descriptions on our classes page.


The application period for the 2021 Construct Digital Residencies has ended.

About the Instructor

Marshall “gripp” Gillson is a writer / programmer / educator based primarily on the internet. Marshall graduated from Morehouse College in 2009 and the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2012. Their work is multimedia and interdisciplinary, ranging from written word to performance art to electronic installation. They have appeared onstage as an actor and a poet, self-published and been printed in literary magazines, built digital chapbooks and chatbots, taught college courses and workshops, and have written, produced, and appeared in short films. Much of their work is fantastical, surreal, and absurdist. It confronts race, gender, mental imbalance, loneliness, existential dread, and sometimes robots. In their spare time, they enjoy board games, avoiding attention, and writing biographies in the third person.

For more information about gripp’s work, visit their website.